Welcome to the new Play Music Centre at Home. Like its sister pages, it a series of videos of songs played along their respective Foxwood Songsheets. These songs will all be intermediate standard,as in what you might learn in high school or at music centre. There will be generally more notes and/in chords in each bar, and more bars in each tune. The books that these songs come from are available to buy from Lindsay Music.

July 2020 V W H L

Oh When The Saints is a jazzy-swingy marching band tune for the Southern States. Wanda keeps a natty little bass line going and Harvey and I play chords with different rhythms, some on the beat, some off the beat. And Julie takes the melody. Warning it is deceptively difficult to get right, Oh When the Saints is in Foxwood Songbook The New World Collection

I Got Shoes

I Got Shoes is a lovely but lesser known Gospel song. Here it as Charlotte and I play each other's pans at a social distance in her garden. We used our own sticks , and I bent over and Lottie reached up. Lol. I Got Shoes is from Foxwood Songbook Gospel Collection.