Contents and their keys and nationalities

  1. Andrew Mine Jasper Mine - G - Moravia
  2. Break of Day [Bizet] - Cm - France
  3. Deck the Halls - G - Wales
  4. Good King Wenscelas - C - Europe
  5. Go Tell it on the Mountain - F - USA
  6. Hey Little Bull - Bflat - Brazil
  7. The Holly and the Ivy - F - England
  8. Huron Carol - A minor - Canada
  9. In the Bleak Midwinter [Rosetti-Darke]- F - England
  10. Mary had a Baby - F - St Helena
  11. We Three Kings [Hopkins] - E minor - USA
  12. While Shepherds Watched - G - England

World Christmas is a set of 12 songs from 8 different countries. 3 songs have 8 bars; 6 songs have 16 bars; 1 has 17 bars; 1 has 20; 1, 24. They range from ludicrously easy with lots of repetition, to several with 3 chords in one bar.


Contents, and keys

  1. African Noel - C
  2. Away in a Manger - C
  3. I Saw Three Ships - G
  4. Jingle Bells [chorus/easy] - C
  5. Jingle Bells [full song] - G
  6. [We Wish You a] Merry Christmas - F
  7. O Christmas Tree - F
  8. Once in Royal David's City - F
  9. The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy - F
  10. Silent Night - G
  11. Troika [short version] - C
  12. Winter Wonderland Santa Claws - F

This first Christmas Collection is is a set of 12 songs in C, F or G, so if you a diatonic glock, xylophone or set of chime bars, you will need to grab your some F sharp, B flat and E flat chime bars.

Songs range from 8 bars long to 32 bars long, from using 2 chords per song to having 3 chords in some bars. They include major, minor and seventh chords.


Songs come from USA, Germany, West Indies, Russia and England.


Easy Peasy - Songs and keys

  1. Gimme That Old Time religion - G
  2. Go Down Moses - Aminor
  3. He's Got the Whole World - F
  4. I Got Shoes - G
  5. Kumbaya - C
  6. Michael Row the Boat Ashore - C
  7. Rock My Soul - D
  8. Sinner Man D minor
  9. This Train is Bound for Glory - D
  10. Wade in the Water - E minor

Easy Peasy contains mostly 8 bar songs and includes 6 with only one chord. Some melody lines aren't quite as easy peasy as they could be, but these are useful for more extreme differentiation!

Easy Peasy has 14 songs, and costs £4.00 for the stapled version and £4.50 for wirebound.


Easy Classical - Songs and Keys

1.Au Clair de la Lune - C
2. Barcarolle - C
3.The Can-Can -C
4.Kanon - C
5. Largo New World - F
6. Largo New World G
7. Morning - C
8. Ode to Joy - C
9. Skaters' Waltz - C
10. Surprise - C

Easy Classical contains 10 songs, 8 in C, 1 in F, 1 in G. They all use white notes on a keyboard or glock etc. They are mostly8 bars long and the longer ones mostly are a repetitious. Only 3 songs have any bars with 2 chords in them. There are are 2 versions of Largo, one key apart so that Bflatters can join in, or so that players can feel how a different key sound playing the same song.

Easy Classical is presently stapled only @ £4.00.


The Gospel Collection - Songs and Keys

1. Gimme that Old Time Religion -G
2. Go Down Moses - A minor
3. He's Got the Whole World - F
4. I Got Shoes - G
5. Kumbaya - C
6. Michael Row the Boat Ashore - C
7. Rock my Soul - D
8. Sinner Man - D minor
9. This Train is Bound for Glory - D
10. Wade in the Water - Em

The Gospel Collection includes 10 songs in 7 different keys. Chords includes major and minor,  7ths and even one sus4. 6 songs include bars with 2 or more chords in them.

The Gospel Collection comes stapled only and costs £4.00 each.

1 Bobby Shaftoe [Key - C]
2 Come and Sing Together [Key -Am]
3 Drunken Sailor [Key Dm]
4 Frere Jacques [Key G]
5 Merrily We Roll Along [Key C]
6 Skip to My Lou [Key C]
7 Skip to My Lou [Key D]
8 Sur le Pont [Key G]
9 This Old Man [Key G]
10 Twinkle Twinkle [Key C]

Price £4.00 plus p and p [00.95p]

This is the first book I published - in 2005. These are all easy, beginners tunes, with Skip to My Lou in two keys, so that 1. clarinets and other transposing instruments can play along with the rest of the class and 2. so that players can hear the effect of changing keys. There are two one chord songs that you could play as rounds. All the songs are in C or G, and all but one can be played entirely on "white notes" i.e. without using any sharps or flats.


1. Baa Baa Black Sheep [in key of C]
2. Hot Cross Buns [in key of D]
3.Lavender's Blue
4.London Bridge [in key of G]
5.Mockingbird [in Key of F]
6. Old MacDonald had a Farm [in key of C]
7. Pass the Pebble On [in key of C]
8. Polly Put the Kettle On [in key of F]
9. Pussy Cat Pussy Cat [in key of C]
10. Ring-Ring-a-Roses [in key of D]
11. Sledging [in key of Dm]
12. The Volga Boatman [in key of

Published first in 2010, Kids Collection 2 has songs in C, F, G, D and D minor. Three songs have sixteen bars in them; the others just eight; four songs have bars that contain two or more chords. Five of the songs include sharps or flats, so, if you have glocks with only white notes, time to bring out the black chime bars; if you have glocks or xylophones with removable notes it is time remove the Bs and Fs and replace them with B flats and F sharps, and it is a good time to introduce the concept of keys.

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