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Next known Panyard gig

July 21 Foxwood and Friends pan de nec at Leeds Pride.


On the right

Legacy with Foxwood guests at the Hart Huddersfield  for Carnival

Mean Steel at Gledhow Valley Woods for the Green Festival

Sparrows in rehearsal at Meanwood Community Centre



Leracy at the Hart July 2024
Leracy at the Hart July 2024
Mean Steel at Green Festival Gledhow Valley Woods 2024
Sparrows at Meanwood April 2024

Recent gigs

Sparrows at Temple Newsam July 2024

Sparrows at Temple Newsam June 2024

Foxwood Steel Bandits at TUC Rally 2022 [not exactly recently but the TUC was the first proper outing of the year, and the last ones before had tinsel and reindeers all over the place!]

Foxwood at TUC Rally 2022

Gigs 2024

September 15 Foxwood and Sparrows for National Heritage Week

August 11 Foxwood at Wakefield Pride

July 28 Foxwood at Chapel FM
July 21 Foxwood at Leeds Pride
July 14 Mean Steel at Gledhow Valley Woods
July 13 Legacy at the Hart
July 6 Sparrows 1 -1.25pm at M4Y Birmingham

June 30 Legacy at Ravensknowle
June 29 9pm Foxwood at private party
June 29 7pm Mean Steel/Foxwood at Temple Newsam for St Gemma's Sunset Walk
June 29 12-1.30pm Sparrows at Temple Newsam
June 23 Legacy at Ravensknowle
June 22 Sparrows at and Shire Acorns at Shire Oak PS for Headingley Festival
June 20 Legacy at Kirklees College
June 14.6.30pm Dagmar Woods for Leeds Lit Fest
June 7 Sparrows at DevFest 5 -6.30pm

May 25 Legacy in Huddersfield for British Library 500 years Black British Music Event
May 4 Foxwood at TUC rally

February 3 Legacy at Greenhead Masonic Hall

January 22 Foxwood duo at Leeds City College


Gigs 2023

December 20 Mean Steel at Grimesdyke 6 till 7pm
December 14 Legacy at Victoria Pub Lockwood Huddersfield
December 8 Foxwood at St Stephens Christmas Fair, Bradford
December 2 Mean Steel at Christmas Market, Meanwood Community Centre

November 25 Mean Steel and some Foxwood at St Matthews Community Centre, Holbeck

October 7 Legacy Steel at Hudawi Centre Huddersfield for Carnival Afterparty

September 27 Sparrows at Devonshire Hall for Freshers Ball
September 17 Foxwood and Sparrows for Heritage Open Week

August 19 Wortley
August 12 Foxwood Steel Bandits at Unity Day
August 6 Pride marching with NEU troupe
August 3 Foxwood at Swarcliffe [postponed]
July 8 Legacy Steel at Huddersfield Carnival
July 7 Mean Steel at Manston PS
July 5 10.30 Foxwood Striking Steel outside Art Gallery for NEU
July 4 Foxwood at Menwith Hill
July 1 pm Mean Steel at Cookridge Nursing Home Summer Fair
July 11 am Foxwood and Striking Steel at NHS Rally

June 24 2.30 pm Sparrows at Headingly Youth Festival at Shire Oak School
June 17 South Steel at Hunslet Gala
June 10 Sparrows at Devonshire Hall private event
June 3 Foxwood 8.00 - 8.15pm a Sunset Walk at Temple Newsam for St Gemma's Hospice
May 27 Foxwood at Malton Food Festival
May17 Foxwood at Wellington Place 4.40-6.30 [private event]
April 29 Foxwood at TUC Rally Victoria Gardens Leeds Centre
April 8 pm Foxwood at Armley Farmers Market
March 21st Tuesday pm and eve, Sparrows at ArtForms CLYM Prom
March 5 Sunday daytime Sparrows at Colne Valley HS for Music For Youth

February 28 Foxwood Steel Bandits and Friends at NEU strike rally Leeds
February 25 Foxwood Steel Bandits at Moortown Social Club

Gigs 2022
December 18 Mean Steel at Cookridge Court Nursing Home
December 9 Mean Steel at St Stephens Bradford
December 14 Mean Steel at Grimesdyke PS Winter Fair Leeds
December 12 Legacy Steelpans at Deighton Working Men's Club 6.30pm
December 10 Horsesteel at Horsforth Music Centre
December 3 2.45 - 4pm Mean Steel at Meanwood Community Centre Christmas Fair
December 3  1-2pm Foxwood at Mill Hill Chapel Leeds City Square Stand Up Against Racism not able to do this when venue changed

November 12 Foxwood at Bradford Ukrainian Club Beer Festival, fundraiser for Ukraine

October 8 Foxwood at Slaithwaite St James Church 3-5pm
October 1 Older Sparrows at Leeds Conservatoire

September 30 Mean North Steel at Arcade on Kirkstall Road
September 30 Foxwood plays Huddersfield Windrush Legacy launch
September 11 1.30-3pm Foxwood, Sparrows play Heritage Week outside Leeds Art Gallery
September 10 steelpan workshop for WI Moortown Corner
September 3 2.20-3pm Foxwood at Armley Festival

August 27 Foxwood celebrates Leeds Carnival at the Primrose, Meanwood Road 3 till 5pm
August 20 Mean Steel New Wortley
August 14 Mean Steel at Middleton Park
August 13 Foxwood at Unity Woodhouse Moor
August 7 1.30pm Foxwood at Pack Horse Briggate for Pride
August 6 Trish and Roger's garden party in Kippax [private event]

July 30 Foxwood at Julie B's works do, Bramley
July 30 Mean Steel at Meanwood Community Centre for Meanwood Valley Festival
July 29 steelpan workshop at the Rein Seacroft
July 23 Foxwood at Little London Community Day
July 16 Foxwood at Stand up to Racism rally City Square Leeds
July 14 Sparrows at Lawnfest
July 9 Mean Steel at Manston PS summer fair
July 2 Mean Steel Hunslet Park

June 25 Sparrows at Headingley Festival
June 22 mini-band for Windrush Day Huddersfield
June 11 Mean Steel at St Chad's PS Leeds
June 10 Sparrows at Devonshire Hall [private]
June 4 Mean Steel at Meanwood Community Centre
June 2 Sparrows and Friends Temple Newsam

May 14 Foxwood and Sparrows at Corn Exchange
May 7 2022 Foxwood at wedding on moors near  near Halifax

March 26 duo at Nottingham Conference
March 18 Sparrows at Music For Youth in Colne Valley
March 4 wedding in Leek [virtual]

December 19 & 22 Sparrows at Temple Newsam
December 11 Horsforth Steel at Horsforth Music Centre
December 4 Sparrows, North Steel at Meanwood CC

November 6 Foxwood at Millennium Square for Global Day for Climate Justice

September 26 Foxwood at Birdcage, Hyde Park Corner
September 19 Sparrows outside Henry More Art Gallery for Leeds Heritage Week
September 12 South Steel at Middleton Park Great Show
September 4 Foxwood on Woodhouse Moor to welcome refugees to our country and city

August 30 Foxwood play Frontgarden Carnival Leeds
August 28 North Steel plus Sparrows at Meanwood Open Day
August 26 Foxwood Steel at Ramshead Shops at 3pm
August 21 Foxwood Steel at Stalybridge Culturama
August 15 1pm - 3pm North Steel at Middleton Park
August 7 Foxwood for Unity in Frontgarden 6pm-6.30pm
August 1 Foxwood at Pack Horse Briggate from 12 till 1pm for Leeds Pride

July 23 2pm Steel North at Meanwood CC Nursery
July 17 1pm to 3pm North Steel Horsforth at Horsforth Music Centre
July 3 Frontline Frontgardeners at NHS rally

June 6 East Steel at Middleton Park
June exact time tbc Sparrows at Leeds ArtForms virtual CLYM Prom

May 1 Foxwood Frontline Crew online at TUC MayDay rally

28 November Sparrows on Briggate
September Sparrows at Civic Trust - online Heritage Open Week
September 20 Foxwood at Miggy Park
Foxwood at Leeds Carnival
July 25 East Steel at Upper Hopton Fete
May 30 Foxwood at Old Bridge Holmfirth
May 23 Foxwood at private event near Halifax
May Day Foxwood at TUC rally
April 26 East Steel at Morley Rugby Club
April 18 2020 Sparrows at Queen Hotel Leeds
March 15 2 pm Sparrows at Music For Youth Huddersfield
March 3 Sparrows at CLYM Prom Leeds Town Hall
Gigs 2019
December 28 South Steel at the Bridge Huddersfield
December 21 Foxwood and Friends at the Primrose
December 18 Cooperative Steel at Coop Main Office Manchester
December 14 8pm North Steel Horsforth at Horsforth Music Centre
North Steel 14 East Leeds Steel Bands at East Leeds Music Centre
December 10 Sparrows at All Hallows for Hyde Park Source
December 7 North Steel Allerton at North Leeds Music Centre
December 7 Foxwood at Dewsbury Lights Turn on
December 7 North Steel Horsforth at Meanwood Community Centre
December 6 6.30pm -7.30pm Sparrows at St Gemma's Christmas Fair
December 4 6.30pm East Steel at YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic Town Hall Concert
December 3 Sparrows at LSMA Leeds Town Hall

November 22 Sparrows at All Hallows

October 20 3pm Foxwood at York Spark Piccadilly
October 20 10 amSparrows at St Martins
October 12 North Steel ACE at Marsden Folk Festival
October 5 East Steel at private party
September 14 Foxwood at Holmfirth
September 8 South Steel at Middleton Show
September 8 Foxwood at Scholes in Bradford

August 31 North Steel at Meanwood Community Centre
August 30 North Steel at Hunslet
August 24 5pm Foxwood at Primrose, Meanwood Road
August 26 Foxwood at Leeds Carnival
August 18 Sparrows and North Steel at Bramley Community Day
August 11 Wakefield Pride
August 3 Saturday summer event

July 27 Saturday Foxwood at wedding
July 27 East Steel at Upper Hopton Fete
July 13 South Steel at Charlesworth
July 13 12 till 1pm Sparrows at Little London
July 11 5 till 7 Lawnsteel at Lawnfest
July 7  2.30 -3.00pm North Steel at St Gemma's
July 6 East Steel at private party
CANCELLED: July 6 Foxwood at Kirklees Pride

June 30 Sparrows at Arthington Summer Fair
June 29 2pm-4pm North Steel at William Merritt Centre Gala
June 28 evening Foxwood Steel at Lawnswood Prom
June 23 Foxwood at Meanwood Cricket Club 3 till 3.30
June 22 Foxwood at Leeds Uni 11.30am,-1.30pm
June 21 North Steel at Carr Manor

June 15 Saturday Foxwood and East Steel at Otley Carnival
North Steel Allerton at North Leeds Music Centre, Allerton CE School, LS17 7HL
June 15 Shire Steel, Lawnsteel and Sparrows at Headingley Festival, at Shire Oak School.
summer Hull Pride
June 14 1 -2.15pm Assorted Steel at Southfield School Bradford


May 26 Sunday Sparrows at Meanwood Festival
May 18 4pm Foxwood in Huddersfield - CANCELLED
May 11 late morning North Steel Horsforth at Horsforth Music Centre
May 9 Thursday Sparrows, Lawnswood, Shire Oak Steel at Wharfedale Festival
May 4 Saturday Foxwood Steel at TUC Rally Leeds Town Centre

April 20 Saturday 4 - 6pm at Old Bridge, Holmfirth

March 30 Sparrows at St Aidan's Harrogate for Music For Youth
March 12 Sparrows at Leeds Town Hall CLYM Prom
March 3 Sparrows at Meanwood Community Centre 5.00pm
February 2 3.30 Foxwood Steel at Kentmere Community Centre
February 2 2/30 till 3pm steel pan workshop at Kentmere Community Centre
January 23 12.30 Leeds Pan Central at a South Leeds Care Home

Gigs 2018
December 22 Foxwood evening at NewMoorsides
December 16  2.30pm Sparrows and North Steel at Temple Newsam
December 16 middayish East Steel at Broomfield
December 15 11pm North Steel at North Leeds Music centre
December 15 1.50pm North Steel at Horsforth Music Centre
December 5 6.30pm East Steel at Leeds Town Hall
December 1 8pm Foxwood at Blayds
December 1 East Steel at 12 noon in Morley Town Centre

November 24 possibly Leeds Centre

October 13 Sparrows at Clothworkers Hall, Leeds Uni

September 9 Sunday South Steel in Middleton Park.
September 8 Saturday Foxwood in Holmfirth
September 1 Saturday 2 pm Foxwood at Chapel Allerton Festival

August Bank Holiday Foxwood at Leeds Carnival
August 26 Foxwood Steel at Primrose
August 25 Saturday at a Burmantofts Care Home
August 12 Sunday Foxwood at Wakefield Pride
August 11 Saturday East Steel at a private party in Apperley Bridge
August 9 Thursday Foxwood near York at wedding
August 5 Foxwood at Leeds Pride 3pm Blayds
August 5 Sunday Foxwood at Leeds Pride marching

July 24 Leeds Pan Central at Broomfield
July 22 East Steel at Bilton Gala
July 21 Foxwood and Friends at Unity Day
July 21 Foxwood and Friend at Wykebeck
July 15 Rosebank Street Party
Juy 14 Sparrows North Steel at Little London
July 14 North Steel Sparrows at Bracken Edge
July 14 East Steel at Mirfield Arts Festival
July 7 East Steel at Horsforth St Mary's Summer Fair
July 3 Leeds Pan Central at Cookridge

June 29 Foxwood at Prom
June 29 South Steel at Belle Isle Family Centre
June 24 Sunday Foxwood at Memorial Cricket Match Meanwood
June 17 Sunday Foxwood at Willowman Festival, North Allerton
June 16 Saturday Foxwood and East Steel Otley Carnival
June 9 Saturday Sparrows, Shire Steel at Headingley Festival

May 28 Monday Sparrows and North Steel at Meanwood Festival
May 10 Thurs Sparrows, All Oultons, Clapgate, Shire Oak, Co-op Steel- Wharfedale Festival
May 7 Monday East Steel at Bilton Gala

April 21 Oulton Fledglings at Rothwell Festival Showcase
April 19 Thursday Sparrows at Brodetsky

March 24 Saturday North Steel,North Steelettes at North Leeds Music Centre

March 24 East Steel at Morley Festival
March 23 Friday All Oulton Bands, East Steel, Steel Rising, Sparrows at Rothwell Festival
March 13 Tuesday Sparrows at Leeds ArtForms Town Hall Prom

February 24 Saturday Sparrows at St Aidan's Harrogate for Music For Youth
February 20 Tuesday Moor Steel at Hyde Park Book Club

Gigs 2017

12 December Tuesday Sparrows at Royds School
10 December Sparrows at Temple Newsam
9 December North Steel and Steelettes at North Leeds Music Centre
8 December Foxwood at Go Food
8 December South Steel at Cross Flatts Park
8 8 December Outlon Steel band at Trinity Centre
6 December Wednesday East Steel at Leeds Town Hall
3 December Sunday East Steel at Broomfield
2 December Saturday East Steel at Morley

30 September Saturday evening Foxwood at TJ's
30 September Saturday afternoon Foxwood at Leeds Mansion House

28 August Monday Foxwood at Leeds Carnival, Chapeltown Road
27 August Sunday Foxwood at Primrose
13 August Sunday Foxwood at Manchester Carnival Arena
12 August Saturday Foxwood at Manchester Carnival on the float
6 August Sunday Foxwood at Leeds Pride

29 July Saturday Foxwood at Temple Newsam Family Day
28 July Friday Foxwood at Scracroft Golf Club
22 July Saturday Foxwood and Sparrows at Unity Day
16 July Sunday East Steel at Mirfield Festival
15 July Foxwood at Yorkshire Sculptjure Park
14 July Foxwood duo at Harehills Old Folks Home
14 July Friday Foxwood duo at Yorkshire Sculpture Park Press Day
1 July Saturday North Steel at Gledhow PS
1 July Saturday Foxwood at Rothwell PS Carnival Day

25 June Sunday Foxwood at Rosebank Millennium Green
22 June Thursday Sparrows at Wesy Yorkshire Playhouse
17 June Saturday Foxwood and East Steel at Otley Carnival
10 June Saturday Sparrows and Shire Oak Steel at Headingley Festival

31 May Wednesday Leeds Pan Central at NewMoorsides PlayDay
29 May Sparrows Monday at Meanwood Festival
18 May Thursday Sparrows, All Oultons at Wharfedale Festival
6 May Saturday East Steel at New Wortley Community Centre
5 May South Steel at Trinity Kitchen
1 May Monday East Steel at Bilton Gala

26 March Sparrows at Brooksban School Halifax Music For Youth

Gigs 2016