1.How much do you charge?

We have a sliding scale of prices for different types of events, from charity and community events to private dos to corporate events.

2. How long do you play for? Does it affect the price?

By the time we have rallied the players, packed the van and driven to the venue, how long we play for doesn't affect the time that we are out much, or the price. We are not keen on playing for less than forty minutes [but in the case of the Royal Albert Hall  we did make an exception!].

3. What type of music do you play?

We arrange classical, pop, folk, world, jazz, soca/calypso, reggae tunes and make them our own.

4. Who arranges your music?

Usually one of the band members writes a song out [in Foxwood notation], and makes a first arrangement, then the rest of us develops it. Sometimes ex-band members or friends/colleagues did the initial or even full arrangements. These include Donna B [who gave us Clocks], Xanthe L [who gave us Electricity], Lee S , Dave

5. How long have you all been playing steelpans, and can you play other instruments?

Most of us have been playing for between eight and thirty years. Between us we also play flute, trumpet, piano, clarinet, guitar, bass guitar, drum-kit [with varying levels of competence] and maybe more.