Here are some Christmas tunes, half of them recorded during a time of masks and social distancing, recorded either at Meanwood Community Centre or my frontgarden, Hyde Park, Leeds. Because Lockdown played havoc with rehearsal times and venues, we never got full attendances with music centre or Sparrows sessions, so I like to regard the tunes from this year [2020] as being thin-textured. There will be some full-bloodied ones coming up from yesteryear!

Not explicitly Christmas, but can't imagine playing it any other time of year. Magic Moments played by Leeds Silver Steel Sparrows back in the day at All Hallows. November 2018 to be more precise.

The second lockdown just ended and in we dived to Meanwood. Just the six of us. Got in as many Christmas tunes as we could before we got locked down again.

This is East Steel on 9 December 2020 at Meanwood CC.

Here are the Sparrows playing Carol of the Bells, possibly aka Ukrainian Carol. This is from one of our fuller-attended sessions, but with more players on the top line.

This is Little Bull recorded by a small group of East Steel at Meanwood Community Centre December 2020. You can see and hear Luke, Wendy, Julia and Wanda and hear Victoria, Trish and Millie [on kit].

Little Bull is a traditional Brazilian song and can be found in Foxwood Songbook, World Christmas